The Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a social media platform that connects users worldwide, which is exactly what makes it such an excellent tool to utilize in ongoing digital marketing efforts, particularly in the vacation rental industry. Many of our marketing efforts are intended to showcase rentals and connect with guests. The highly specific targeting of Facebook advertising tools means that RealTech’s marketing clients are more likely to reach past and future guests. Read on to learn more about why and how RealTech utilizes this social media platform for our clients.

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Brand Engagement

Each social media platform provides a different way to reach guests and promote brand visibility. Facebook can connect with these past/future guests in a more personal way than other platforms. Facebook posts foster a two-way correspondence and help to redirect the user to the vacation rental company’s website. This is a great way to showcase the company the guest is booking with and promote direct booking. 

Many vacation rental managers are unsure what the best content is to share on their Facebook pages. Some great content may include local insights on the area, engaging photos and videos, and highlighting individual rentals.

Facebook posts are also a great way to promote content from a vacation rental company’s website, whether that be a new landing page, blog post, or sharing the different rental categories offered. Furthermore, this allows vacation rental managers to visually advertise new properties, promotions, available booking dates, or properties particularly in need of bookings. Guest reviews or testimonials are also excellent content that can be shared through your Facebook feed. All of these posts work as a fantastic form of exposure for rental properties and the brand overall.

Ad Targeting Abilities

One great thing about Facebook advertising is that it has expansive ad targeting options and allows businesses to reach a specific audience in broad geographic areas. The targeting abilities of Facebook ads can pull in those who have shown interest in traveling to a specific destination and at a certain time. Some other advantages are the ability to utilize full-funnel targeting with multiple forms of engagement with tracking to monitor the progress. 

Measurable Performance

This year alone, RealTech has seen an excellent return on investment for our clients using Facebook advertising. Take a look at these clients who have shown an impressive return:

Siesta Key Luxury Rental Properties – 1408% Gross Return, $153,711 Total Revenue

Lido Key Vacations – 1394% Gross Return, $9,059 Total Revenue

ACP Vacation Rentals – 742% Gross Return, $44,168 Total Revenue

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