The Value of Adding an Interactive Map to Your Website

Being a part of the vacation rental industry means that we are in a unique position to encounter guests from all over the nation, or even the world. As a property manager, knowing every part of the resort or rental homes overseen is a requirement. For most guests, the booking process begins online as the guest peruses the vacation rental options available. These guests want to know that they are finding the exact rental they desire, in the perfect location, and one that is close to all the area’s attractions.

So how can property managers communicate with these guests to ensure they know exactly where the rental is located? The answer is to add an interactive map to your website! Let’s explore the benefits of adding this excellent and valuable feature to your website.

The Perfect Resource

An interactive map is a bird’s eye view of the rental properties and the area, with links to each unit or building. Having an interactive map on your website is a great way to answer guest’s questions from the start of their vacation rental search. As a property manager or customer service representative, this will cut down on the amount of time spent explaining the layout of the buildings/properties and their amenities. Plus, guests can rest assured that they won’t get lost when first visiting the property. 

interactive map example

This tool is great for small and large resorts, condo complexes, and rental communities. Interactive property maps are a great selling point for potential guests. These interactive maps show the location of the rentals and all onsite amenities such as tennis courts, pools, and any onsite restaurants and attractions. Some property managers like to show parking areas, laundry services, and other locations guests will need to find. Even if the property doesn’t have extensive onsite amenities, these interactive maps are a great way to aid guests in navigating around the area and finding their unit. Guests will be able to fully experience all that the property has to offer as they come to their vacation knowing all the amenities available.

interactive map

Furthermore, having this interactive map allows it to be a resource to the property’s staff, as it can be utilized as both a digital and print resource. These maps can be printed as a high-quality guide for guests and would be a perfect asset to have located at the front desk or in the rentals for guest check-ins.

The Perfect Visual

As highlighted above, an interactive map gives an overview of everything in and around your properties that could be of interest. Many people are visual learners, and by having this resource available, the complete vacation experience is more accessible than ever. 

excelsior interactive map

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RealTech is excited to offer this functionality to our websites, and we have heard extensive positive feedback from our clients currently using these maps. Contact us today to see how we can create a specialized interactive map experience for your future guests and website visitors!