What You Can Expect From Realtech – Support & Service

At RealTech Webmasters, we describe ourselves as an independent web agency specializing in the vacation rental industry. This means that we are entirely dedicated to the creation, support, and continuous improvement of our custom websites and marketing plans. Our clients know our Website Development and Marketing departments well; however, we find it is easy to forget that one of the things we hold above all is our dedication to client support or something we refer to as an emphasis on “fanatical service.”

New Website – Same Great Service

man on the phone in office

We want to go above and beyond for our clients by offering technical support when they need it, and that now means from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM – note that an extra hour has been added for later requests. Part of this support is making sure that our clients have the resources and direction they need to succeed. This is why we are excited to have relaunched our website with new and improved features that make answering our client’s questions simple. 

man on computer

One of our favorite newly revamped sections is the Real Support page, where we describe how client requests are processed and resolved. Conveniently located on this page is also a list of some of our most common support requests. Navigating to the bottom of the page, a convenient link will redirect current clients to our support ticket page. From here, submitting a ticket is just a matter of filling out a couple of questions and pressing submit. Our stats on turnaround time for resolving submitted tickets are currently that 70% of tickets are solved within a day and 80% are solved within an hour. If the issue is unable to be fully resolved, a further plan of action will be strategized and put into place. 

Face to Face With Our Team

One of the biggest things we want our clients to know is that these tickets are not handled by robots, but by the hardworking Client Support team members. Together with the rest of the team, these members can be found on our Real People page.

team members

Another way of meeting our team members is through our highly preferred method of video calling our clients. This is one of our newest team-wide implementations. We hope that by pairing our support calls with an option for video calls, we can encourage further connection between our clients and our team members. No issue is too big or small to talk through, and we love being able to interact and increase the value of our services for our clients in any way possible. 

Contact Us

At the end of the day, our clients know they can lean on us for all their website’s needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or to chat about our services!