Real Support

Real People, Not Robots

Our support team is located in Asheville, NC. They are real people that answer the phone and reply to your emails. As a team, we value our clients and continuously work towards helping you grow your business. We get to know you, and you get to know us.


Raising the standards

With over 4,000 website support requests every year, we provide the same level of dependability and satisfaction for every person who reaches out to us. Our goal is to answer support tickets during the work week within 30 minutes of receiving the request.


Experts On Your Side

RealTech's winning client support is due to our team being comprised of expert developers with years of experience. This means each request is handled efficiently by a team with in-depth knowledge of our sites and clients to help you achieve your goals and your business thrive.


How does it work?

With an intuitive online ticketing system, your request may be submitted via email or website form and delivered straight to the customer support team. It’s fast and easy, allowing a cohesive flow of communication and solutions between your staff and ours.

Some of our most common support requests

  • Adding/changing documents, content & images
  • Optimizing images and page load speed
  • Google Search Console & Analytics questions
  • Help managing third-party and user Wordpress access
  • Run interim data updates
  • Customize output of rental software data on your website
  • Help client understand roles of rental software vs your website
  • Troubleshooting API integrations
  • Keeping Wordpress sites and plugins up to date & secure
  • Planning and implementing new functionality to improve guest experience

Fanatical customer support is always at your service

A great vacation rental website should be designed to engage customers and drive direct bookings, but a successful site depends on what your guests can’t see. The backend functionality you need most requires care and maintenance. That’s where RealTech support comes in!

You should never have to feel overwhelmed or confused by updating your own website because our support team dedicates their time to handle your requests. As vacation rental experts, we know that property managers don’t always have the time to update their website during busy days, which is exactly where we come in.

How We Work With You

While other companies provide a website, they don’t always stick around to help you manage the technical aspects of making updates. Maybe that website doesn’t even work correctly to begin with. Then you are charged extra for tech support that takes ages to get back to you when there are problems.

We aim to be the very opposite. We know the frustrations that can occur from companies that oversell and don’t achieve the expected results. RealTech doesn’t just build you a website. We build long-term relationships with responsive support services.