How to Share Posts from Other Facebook Pages

RealTech specializes in promoting your product through Facebook. Our main goal is to drive sales, BUT there is a balance to posting vacation rentals through social media. Keep in mind that users are on Facebook to build a social network along with discovering places to vacation. A great way to promote yourself as the area expert is to share curated content, or in other words, share posts from other Facebook pages.

It is easier than you may think, so here is a handy guide on how to share posts to your newsfeed from other business pages.

First Step: Opening Facebook

sharing posts from other FB pages

Log into your Facebook business account. On the right sidebar, you should see an option called “See Pages Feed.” Click to open a new page which shows you all the posts from Facebook pages that you follow as your business.

Second Step: Following Pages

how to share FB posts from other pages to yours

The new page will look similar to your business newsfeed except that it has posts from many different companies. You will need to follow local area businesses, groups, and organizations that provide relatable information to your audience. On the left sidebar, you will see a list of all the pages you currently follow.

If you do not see any posts or you want to add pages you wish to follow, click on the green button at the top of the page. It will open a search bar that you can type names of companies or tourism bureaus that you want to follow.

Third Step: Selecting A Post To Share

sharing curated posts on facebook

Once you’ve selected a post that you would like to share to your Facebook page, click on the “Share” button.

sharing FB post from other businesses to your business

This will open a second window that allows you to add a message to the post. Double check that you are posting as your business to your business page. If you need to adjust this setting, just click on the logos that appear and select the correct account and click “Post”.


How To Log Into Facebook Business Page

Don’t know the Business Page login info and password? Whoever set up the page should have done it through their personal Facebook account. That person can sign in using their personal email and password to reach the Business Page and settings.

Resetting Login Info

If you own the Business page and don’t remember your login info and password, you will need to follow Facebook’s reset instructions. We can’t help you with this part.

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