Why and How – Pinterest for the Vacation Rental Industry

Pinterest is a mix between a social network and an image search engine where you can bookmark, or “pin”, all your favorite finds and organize them into various categories.

It is quickly becoming a platform that rivals Facebook and Google search for online shopping, idea sharing, and information gathering.

What is Pinterest and Who Is Your Audience?

Where Facebook seeks to separate business from personal, Pinterest users are actively looking for retailers along with ideas for home decor, travel ideas, wedding planning, cooking recipes, kids crafts, and everything in between.

Although the number of men using Pinterest is increasing, most users are women. This social media platform is especially efficient for reaching millennials. This group comprises the largest percentage of the most frequent travelers within the U.S.

  • 250 million people use Pinterest every month
  • 70% of Pinterest users are women
  • 50% of users have made a purchase after seeing a Promoted Pin
  • Median age of a Pinterest user is 40
  • 40% of users have a household income of $100k
  • 30% of all U.S. social media users also use Pinterest

How Does Pinning Work?

User habits and interests are collected by an algorithm that gathers similar “pins” and displays these on a newsfeed (similar to Facebook). These pins can range in topics and keywords and appear as the user endlessly scrolls.

Users may select and share pins to their own “boards”, which are personal collections of pins sorted by categories like Summer Travel Destinations, My Dream Home, and Vegetarian Meals.

The more shares a pin earns, the higher it ranks in newsfeeds, and the better chance it has of gaining a larger percentage of reach.

Pins are considered evergreen content because once a pin has been shared by one user, there is no way to go back and delete it from Pinterest. You can delete it from your personal boards, but other users will always have access to the pins that they have saved.

Why is Pinterest Important to the Vacation Rental Industry?

As more people discover that this useful tool to plan and organize all areas of a user’s life, more industries are jumping on board to promote their product through Pinterest marketing. This includes major businesses in the travel industry.

Using Pinterest provides rental property managers a launching point to grow brand awareness and drive direct traffic to their website.

Pinterest users search for destinations, but most are searching for suggestions and ideas rather than knowing exactly what they want. The impressionable habits of the Pinterest audience means that the door is open to showing users destinations they hadn’t considered and driving conversions.

Vacation rental management companies will find that this social media platform isn’t overly saturated with competition making this an even playing field.

How Can RealTech Help With Pinterest?

As experts in social media marketing for vacation rental properties, we utilize many social media channels such as Pinterest in part of our personalized online marketing strategy based on the unique goals of vacation rental company.

Management of Pins and Boards

We offer custom designed pins that increase brand visibility and drive traffic to your website for both product pages and blog post content. With attention-grabbing pins, we will set your brand apart from competing rental property companies.

We also share curated content that relates to your audience, and builds Pinterest boards with related topics to gain more followers to your account.

Although Pinterest is usually a slow-growing channel to increase traffic to a website, it is cumulative. The more often you pin and the longer you do it, the better your pins will perform.

Paid Advertising Management

Paid advertising on Pinterest is ideal for increasing the reach of your content. Our main objective is to drive qualified leads directly to your website with the intent of generating revenue through online bookings.

We do this through:

  • Target custom audiences based on customer lists, website visitors, or existing Pinterest audiences
  • Create saved Pinterest audiences based on interests, keywords, and locations
  • Experimentation and strategy based on data-driven results
  • Optimizing through campaign testing and research

Reporting Results

Just like our other marketing services, we rely on data and testing to optimize campaigns and improve results. We will share our findings from data analysis through monthly reports outlining the key data points and metrics.

These metrics include:

  • Brand visibility = Reach
  • User engagement = Page Followers, Reshares, Saves, Clicks
  • Qualified traffic = New Users, Sessions, Pageviews, Conversions

Want to know more or have questions about our other marketing services? Email us directly at marketing@rtservices.net.