Vacation Rental Website Trends for 2020

Vacation rental websites are no longer just a booking platform for potential guests. When it comes to attracting customers, retaining their interest, and increasing bookings, there’s a lot of new trends in website design that can assist. Whether your site houses dozens of condo complexes, a medium-sized resort, or individual rental homes scattered throughout an area, design strategies can elevate a website to an enjoyable experience for your customers.


Using the term “components” when discussing a website may be unfamiliar. What it comes down to is how all the puzzle pieces fit together to build a site. Picture various blocks being fit together to fill a page. Components make a website more interesting to interact with, and they’re also practical. 

By utilizing components in specific areas such as a search results page, there’s less load time on the site. When a website is faster the result is a smoother search for the potential guest. It also increases micro-interactions, like using accordion buttons that reveal more content with a small animation. These details help retain customer attention while providing a positive website experience.  With advances in dynamic content – content that changes based on the behavior and interaction of the user – websites can not only look better but also be more efficient. 

A common way to use components is on blog pages. Instead of users having to click through multiple pages of posts, they can click “Show More” to reveal additional posts. This time-saving component is one of many ways to reduce page load speed while creating a more comfortable user experience.

Better Blog Content

With the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), more and more websites are focusing on increasing their blog content. With more content available for Google to crawl, sites can rank higher in search results. Additionally, providing area info and activities gives potential guests more confidence in your properties and the level of engagement you have with them. A website that updates regularly with quality content shows commitment and legitimizes the website in the eyes of the user.

Mobile-First Design

As more and more users surf the web on mobile devices, web designers are moving toward placing importance on design being pleasing and accessible on mobile devices first, then making adjustments for desktop users. Historically, the mobile view of a web page was typically put off until the end of the design process – if implemented at all. With mobile overtaking desktop as the primary platform for most users, the design must adapt as well.

For businesses like vacation rentals, making sure a potential guest can navigate start-to-finish and complete their booking on a mobile device is crucial. This can be the difference between a sale and a user bouncing from the page.

Streamlined Checkout Process

Speaking of browsing to checkout, it’s essential for the user to find what they’re looking for without hitting speed bumps along the way. The smoother the process, the more likely the guest will complete a reservation in that session.

Our data shows that the number one hot spot on vacation rental websites is the quick search for dates on the home page. Guests typically know when they want to travel and will get straight to the good stuff: your rentals. Guests enter an arrival date in the quick search and begin to browse available properties, then narrow the results as a secondary step. Having filters that are easy to find and intuitive is imperative, so there’s no frustration on the users’ side.

For the most streamlined process, we implement calendars that quickly update, rates that easily calculate, and a dynamic checkout page. If guests can easily make their way through booking with a minimal number of clicks, it’s more likely that they will continue to visit your site and recommend it to others. Ease of use and intuitive functionality are quick ways to win over any potential guest.

If you’re wondering how your site stacks up or need some advice on how to generate more bookings, don’t hesitate to reach out today.