RealTech Direct Website Solution

A present solution for your future goals. Developed for aspiring and emerging property managers and hosts.

Providing instant access to features and functionality, property managers building their businesses will find RealTech Direct to be the obvious solution for increasing direct bookings. 

  • Property management software integrations
  • For managers with up to 30 properties
  • Search results powered by local and live data
  • Mobile first checkout experience 
  • Dynamic and interactive map filters
  • Funnel engagement tools:
    • Occupancy rates displayed on search results
    • # of times viewed on the property page
    • Daily rates displayed on property calendar dates
    • Split price quote tool on property pages
  • Google Analytics 4 e-commerce implementation
  • See live example

Backed by RealTech’s unmatched support, Direct offers an affordable and accessible solution to property managers. Pricing starts at $195/month and depends on unit count. 

ReatTech Direct prototypes