Updates & Upgrades: Making Our Sites Work Better for Everyone

As web design trends change throughout the years, and technology gets better and better, the sites we build for our clients are also evolving. While we continue to introduce new features and products, we also like to perfect those essential elements that are already in place. 

One of the main areas of our websites we wanted to focus on is where the money is: checkout.

RealTech developed the new one-page checkout with several improvements in mind, all geared towards improving guest experience and increasing booking conversion rates.

Another aspect that comes into play with our new checkout is accessibility. While someone with a visual impairment can now use the checkout process, it also makes the checkout smoother for those without a disability. 

So What’s Different? 

Our form fields have a message that automatically appears as a user moves through the checkout, ensuring that they receive an automatic notification if something isn’t correct. 

Upon hitting the “Checkout” button, another notice will appear with clear direction on what still needs to be done to complete the reservation.

In addition to introducing these instant notifications when a user has omitted a required field or entered an invalid value, we’ve designed the checkout layout to flow better on mobile and tablet devices. We anticipate the new mobile design will bolster conversions on mobile devices.

And returning to accessibility – we made the checkout page screen-reader accessible. This process has taught us much as we continue to improve accessibility across the entirety of the website.

What’s the Result?

Having a more accessible checkout grants our website clients a larger potential audience and increases the likelihood of completed sales via the website. With fewer complications and minimal distractions, checking out is an enjoyable process that will keep guests returning.

When sites are more accessible to everyone, traffic and sales increase, with more satisfied customers across the board.