Make Your Vacation Rental Website More Effective with Chat

The latest tool for vacation rental websites is the use of chat programs that give you the power to answer customer questions in real time.
Live chat capability has been one of the hottest website options available this year. We have found that adding it is a great way to increase website sales. It provides a solid return on your investment. RealTech Webmasters can advise you on the best live chat options and offer technical support on integrating the capability into your site.

How useful is live chat? According to an article published by Inc., 44 percent of online consumers say that having questions answered by live chat during an online purchase is one of the most important website features. Furthermore, the author, Nicolas Cole, stresses the power of personalization that live chat offers:

Every business thrives off the positive relationships it creates with its consumers–both the loyal ones, all the way to the prospective window-shoppers who are still on the fence about purchasing. And a huge part of that discussion on how to both retain previous customers and attract new ones comes down to personalization.

Think of your own experiences with eCommerce. How many times have you begun a transaction, only to pause before completing it because of unanswered questions about the product or service? The quicker you can get answers, the more likely you are to make that purchase. The same goes for your potential customers.

There are many chat options available, but RealTech Webmasters recommends the use of the LiveChat platform. There are many other providers out there, but we feel that LiveChat has the most customizable options, a convenient built-in ticket system, and real-time visitor engagement at any point in the sale funnel. It is also relatively inexpensive.

New website tools are always being developed that can help capture more sales for your vacation rental business. RealTech Services keeps abreast of the latest trends in order to help you offer the most effective website. Need help? Contact us today.