Ways To Improve Property Management Pages To Drive More Leads

All of us in the travel industry are looking forward to the day when destinations are open and guests available to travel. We are hopeful that everyone will be returning to visit fun destinations and enjoy much-deserved vacation time with friends and family soon. Until then, now is the perfect time to work on improving your website.   

For locations that are starting to open and allow vacation rentals to resume operations, we are seeing a ton of demand from travelers. To ensure that they get the best return on their investment, property owners want to make sure they are with a winning company as the market bounces back. 

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The property management information on your site is critical, and when done correctly, it can drive a significant amount of leads from your website. 

Important Questions to Answer

It’s essential to make sure that the information on a property management page or section is purposeful and clearly outlines what you can offer the owner by joining your rental program. This is an area where you can upsell your brand and let others know your sales accomplishments. Consider mentioning how many reservations you have produced for your owners, including property nights booked, individual condo complex rental statistics, and total sales.

What Services Do You Offer?

Letting property owners know what differentiates your property management company from others is vitally important to convey so that the owner knows what they will receive if they go with you. 

The property management page should help to drive new lead opportunities to you through various marketing channels and strategies, but primarily through Google Organic.  Having more in-depth information on your site will help your website to rank higher in search results and have more visibility to those that are looking for rental management.

Making it clear what you offer helps the owner understand the opportunities that you can generate.  Some items to include are website capabilities, industry partners, distribution sites, technology solutions, cleaning initiatives, professional management of reservations, peace of mind. Make sure you include anything in your rental management program that creates value in the eyes of a property owner.

How Will You Market?

Another vital aspect that owners look for is how you will help to not only grow their reservations but also how you can deliver visibility for their rental properties.

Now, more than ever, digital marketing is a must for vacation rental companies. This industry has grown tremendously over the past few years, and competition has also increased. Rental owners want to make sure that their property management company has a strategy to attract new guests and increase repeat guests. Owners want a company that is taking advantage of today’s marketing mediums and are running effective marketing campaigns.  

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What do Current Owners Think?

As with most things, people are always interested in knowing what others who have used a service or a product think about it. Reviews are pertinent not only to guests but also to property owners. Owners are making a big decision with their rental property, and we have found that positive reviews will help to seal the deal.

Where is the Information?  

Another great tip is to make sure that this area of the rental website is accessible and easy to find.  Adding a call to action to the top of your website stating “List your property” or adding into the main navigation are some good options to ensure that no matter how someone enters your website or is browsing on a page, they can find the property management section on your site.

RealTech has been assisting property management companies across the US with increasing their property management reach leads for years.  We know how to get owners on your site and in your rental program.  Contact our marketing department today to find out more information about our services that can help increase these leads for your business.

Here are some great examples of property management landing pages from our clients: