Choosing The Right Online Marketing Tools For Your Business

While having a great website is an important start for any realty or vacation business, what you do with your website after it goes live is critical to finding success online. To assist with taking your online presence from good to great, engaging in online marketing with the professionals at RealTech Webmasters will help you drive more customers to your business.


The concept of online marketing can be confusing for many businesses, because there are a remarkable number of ways that you can promote your business online. The most widely recognized ways of marketing your business online include:

Email Marketing:
Having a database of customer emails is extremely helpful in sharing information about your properties and your experience, but if you are not using email marketing correctly, you could be missing opportunities to connect with customers. If you haven’t engaged in email marketing, or if your emails are not being opened, RealTech Webmasters can help by offering cutting edge designs with outstanding open rates, allowing you to specifically target your customers.

Social Media Marketing:

From Yelp to Facebook, Twitter to Instagram and the wide variety of social media marketing tools that are available, it can be difficult to find the best way to connect via social media. RealTech Webmasters can help your business create and deploy social media marketing campaigns that focus on user engagement and targeted audience growth to drive outstanding engagement and drive sales to your website.


While the market for pay-per-click advertising may not have the cache that it once had, adding a pay-per-click advertising campaign to your existing marketing can help you not only control your own keywords, but can also help you drive new traffic to your website with a targeted, cost-effective strategy. Incorporating pay-per-click ads on Google and Bing with targeted ads on social media sites like Facebook can expose your business to a broader range of potential customers while offering a great return on investment.

Search Optimization:
If you have an outstanding website but no one is able to find you in search, is your website doing what you need it to do? RealTech Webmasters offers in-depth search optimization services through proven strategies that will help your business have the best possible search rankings. Through content that drive visibility to integration strategies that incorporate all aspects of your online marketing presence, our teams can help your business optimize your online visibility.

If you are ready to take advantage of the power of online marketing to drive more customers to your website to supercharge your bookings, contact RealTech Webmasters to help create outstanding online marketing programs that will drive the traffic you are looking for to your business!

Understanding marketing to different markets

For vacation property owners, understanding who comprises your target market can be an occasionally difficult task. While you want your property to be accessible to everyone, being able to determine the characteristics of your guests can help your property become successful. When it comes to marketing your vacation property, owners may not be thinking of how their website property may be found, which can make keeping your location filled on a regular basis.

Being able to understand how to market vacation properties to the different demographics can help drive the right types of traffic. The advent of mobile marketing, combined with a dynamic website from professionals that work with the travel industry, can assist your vacation property business in keeping occupancy levels high.

vacation rental web developers

Travel customers are using more and more devices to find the information on travel that they desire before making a travel decision. Research has found that travel customers use a number of ways to find travel information, including:

  • On average, individuals researching travel use 6.5 devices to find travel information.
  • 41 percent of travelers’ research travel using mobile devices (smartphone or tablet).
  • 55 percent of travelers prefer to book using a desktop or laptop even if they research using mobile.
  • Desktops maintain popularity for travel research, with 79% of travellers use online travel agencies/apps for research compared to 14% who use smartphones and 11% who use tablets.
  • Affluent travelers tend to research more frequently, with those traveling 6+ times a year, those spending over $6,000 annually on travel and early tech adopters using more touchpoints than average users.
  • 25-34-year-olds are the most mobile-heavy, comprising 38% of total users booking on mobile.

One additional area of focus is towards older consumers. The same research shows that as consumers get older, they use fewer methods to research information, with focus being more upon traditional desktop/laptop computers.

Having a definitive strategy to reach travel consumers is becoming increasingly important for travel companies and vacation property owners. Creating an online marketing strategy that includes a dynamic, engaging website, mobile integration, social media, e-mail marketing and other digital outlets can help your vacation and travel business be found by those most interesting in your opportunities.

If your travel or vacation property does not have a website or online marketing strategy that will differentiate your business from your competition, having a knowledgeable partner like Real Tech Services can drive your online presence to create new opportunities for growth.