The Results Are In – #BookDirect Day Was a Huge Success

The results are in, and the 5th annual #BookDirect Day, February 2nd, was a huge success! Several RealTech clients participated in the promotional day designed to raise awareness around the value of booking direct. In total, 217 reservations were booked, generating $480,960 in direct revenue.

2022 #BookDirect Day Results

Top-performing clients and marketing included:

  • St. Augustine, FL – 69 reservations for $138,930
  • St. George Island – 28 reservations for $72,000
  • Hilton Head Island – $62,897
book direct day graphic

How We Did It

Leading up to the day, the RealTech marketing team partnered with clients to promote #BookDirect Day. We highlighted #BookDirect Day messaging across platforms and mediums such as Facebook, email campaigns, paid ads, and websites. Campaigns and ads promoted the day as an opportunity for guests to save big on their vacation by booking directly with the rental company.

The Value of Book Direct Day

#BookDirect Day, created by VRM Intel, is a one-day event designed to promote and raise awareness for booking directly with rental and property management companies. Direct bookings represent tremendous value for rental and property management companies. Direct bookings also result in larger booking windows, higher value stay, and longer lengths of stay. For example, average stay values are almost doubled for direct bookings rather than OTA bookings (Source: Key Data). By emphasizing direct bookings, vacation rental managers can cut out the fees associated with OTAs, increase their revenue, and pass the savings on to the guests.

The event is designed to reinforce the value of working directly with a property management company. As local experts, property managers can offer unrivaled, personalized customer service. By leveraging this experience through #BookDirect Day, property managers have an opportunity to create new repeat guests and decrease their dependency on OTAs.