Real Development

So What’s Going to Happen Now?

After the design process and project kick-off call, your project moves into development. You will work with the same developer throughout the entire development process.

Development Timeline Graphic

Images & Content

If you have a lot of content for your new project, media can be shared through one Dropbox folder that we create and provide to have one central location.

Our interests are in building high quality & engaging websites from front to back. On the front-end, that means images and video served to your guests at the highest possible quality at the highest possible speeds.

Send Us Your Original Images

All of our developers are highly skilled at optimizing images for the web. Send us your original images at their largest size and let our team optimize and resize them for their specific usage.

Full Screen Image Specs

There’s almost nothing that captures your guests more than full screen images & slideshows on a website homepage – it’s certainly where first impressions are made in an instant.

We know you have a lot of great images, but not all of them will have what it takes to be great full screen ‘hero’ images at all screen sizes.

For best results, RealTech recommends all full screen images be at least 1600px by 800px. If you’re unsure what size your image is, just upload the largest one to your Dropbox folder.

Video Guidelines

Nothing beats the impact of great video on your website homepage. Here are some tips to get the most out of your website video.

For the best homepage ‘hero’ video, RealTech recommends:

  • Keep your video brief – under 30 seconds showing all the highlights – the best of the best!
  • Do not include music – your video will be set to autoplay on mute
  • Do not include your logo or overlaid text

**We can always include a full length version with all of the music, graphics & text somewhere else on the website for guests that want the full video experience.

For fastest possible page load times and to give you the opportunity to share your video on multiple platforms, RealTech uses Vimeo to serve our homepage videos. If you don’t already have a Vimeo account, RealTech is happy to get your video uploaded for you.

Written Content

While it doesn’t always get the respect it deserves, your written content is one of the most important parts of your website and is a large part of how your guests will find you on the web. Taking the time to make sure your content is unique, engaging, and relevant will go a long way to get your site closer to the top of search results.

Write your own content- never copy from another source. Google will consider this duplicate content and your website will be penalized for copying.

**Please send all written content in word or doc format

Launching Your Site

Hard vs. Soft Launch

Delivering you a high-quality website with top tier functionality is our priority, but we also recognize that the earlier your site is live, the earlier you can begin to reap the benefits. Your developer can talk with you about the flexibility of doing a soft launch vs. a hard launch.

A soft launch offers the opportunity to get your site live a little earlier. Your site will be launched with the understanding that some modifications will be made after going live. Maybe you don’t have every picture in place or all of the content or blog posts put together, but you’re ready to get your site out there and finish the rest after.

If you’d rather have a fully polished site with every “I” dotted and every “t” crossed, then a hard launch will be the best option for you. This means all of your content, data, images, and every other detail is taken care of and the site is 99.9% done before going live.

Transitioning to Support

Our goal in the development process is to launch the site as quickly as possible, so long as you feel comfortable doing so. When the time comes to launch the site you can rest assured that our support team will be standing by to make adjustments and updates from day one forward.