Image Copyright Scam – What is It and How to Protect Your Business

Another internet scam is making the rounds, and this time it’s specifically targeting vacation rental websites with image copyright claims. Like many scams, this one could be somewhat convincing, and since its new, we want to make sure you know how to deal with it. 

This latest scam is accusing businesses of using copyrighted images without approval. Recent examples include accusations of using images without approval or stating that they are a licensed photographer. These emails may come directly to your inbox or via contact forms on your website.

What is it and how to know when it’s fake:

RealTech has recently seen several of these scam emails. 

If it looks suspicious, it probably is. As your web partner, we strongly recommend to not to click any links in the email and forward any suspicious emails to the RealTech support team.

How to know when it’s real

Legitimate copyright issues will most often come from a lawyer’s office with an official letter attached in pdf format. This is an effective way to identify when it’s real versus a scam. 

How to protect your business – Let RealTech handle it 

RealTech is here to help you deal with this challenge and help you protect your business. If you receive an email similar to what we have described above, forward it to our support team and, we will take it from there.

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