Creative Content That Reaps Results For Your Rentals

Anyone who owns a vacation property knows one thing for certain. With the number of hotels, condos, resorts and private rentals there are for travelers to choose from, it takes skill and savvy to make a rental property stand out. The old adage that insists it’s all about location, location, location doesn’t take into account the need to promote, promote, promote.

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Target Popular Vacation Rental Search Terms

Researchers tell us that travelers spend more time online than any other internet shoppers, with research showing that consumer visit travel sites 38 times before making a decision. That means that it’s important to consider key words that will pull in people in search of a perfect rental opportunity. For most, it’s all about the amenities — proximity to local attractions, fine dining, recreation and conveniences like shopping, major thoroughfares and nearby destinations. Therefore, your description should use words and phrases that quickly identify all you have to offer. Words like “beach,” “Waterfront,” “convenience,” ‘major attractions” and “dining” will catch their eye, and encourage them to give your site an initial glance.

User-Friendly Website Navigation

Once you’ve captured their attention, it’s important to keep them interested. Be sure your website is attractive, compelling and easy to navigate. Pictures that show your property in its best light are the single most important element when it comes to giving visitors engaging content and reason to look no further. Choose language that describes your property and its surroundings in glowing terms, but use it to convey imagery and description, and not simply a hard sell. The vacationer wants to be able to see the allure, understand the appeal and soak up the surroundings, and for that they need phrases that are concise, compelling and clear.

Engaging Content To Trigger Wanderlust

Videos are also helpful. Select your angles and your locations carefully. Put the viewer in a desirable setting that can help them appreciate what it’s like to actually be there. Take shots of the shoreline from the deck, or mountain views from a picture window. Pan to the bedroom, the kitchen, an outside entrance. Focus on details that accentuate all the extras.

Guest Rental Reviews & Testimonials

Including references and letters from former visitors who had positive things to say about their stay can also help drive consumers to decide upon their destinations. The addition of local incentives, including partnering with a local business to offer value added discounts or giveaways at local stores and restaurants can add an extra bonus to help finalize a decision.

Hire The Best

As with most aspects of internet marketing, knowing what’s needed isn’t always enough. That’s where Real Tech Services can help by leveraging our skilled team of marketing professionals to put your property on the radar of those in search of ideal vacation rentals. RealTech Services are the specialists when it comes to creating real estate websites that combine proven techniques with real results to help will make your property pop.