At-Home Toolkit: Look for Ways to Update Your Website

Now is the perfect time to go over your website in a way you haven’t been able to before. When your site first launched, you probably thought a lot about what content you wanted to include, and how best to convey your business personality. 

Over the years you’ve probably made or requested updates to your site, but the actual copy may not have been edited in quite some time. Outlined below are some of the common places that get overlooked – and the most important.

Contact Info

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s so easy to forget to update contact information on your site. The Contact page is a great place to start:

  • Is your phone number/email/address up to date? 
  • What about social media? Have you changed, added, or removed any accounts?
  • About Us or Our Team pages – have there been changes to staff that need to be updated?

Make sure to check both the header and footer of your site as well, where users typically find phone numbers and contact info. It’s essential to keep this up to date so that potential guests can get in touch with you. 

Home Page

The home page is going to be the most clicked page on the entire site. While there may not be a ton of actual written content on the page, it’s still important to read those short paragraphs or check out any shortcut blocks or sections you may have. 

Are you still offering the same amenities that are listed? Do your testimonials need to be updated? Make sure that a user’s first impression is what you want to reflect.

Internal/Informational Pages

These are the pages that Google regularly crawls and indexes that can help you in search rankings. They also tend to have longer text, so it’s imperative to really read through it all and see if anything needs to be changed. Look for things like old dates or specials that may have changed. 

Maybe you mentioned upcoming renovations that are now complete. Or perhaps you’ve acquired properties in a new area but haven’t announced it. You want Google ranking you as high as possible, so editing your existing content will help.


Do you have newer, high-quality images you’d like to feature on your website? You may have new bio pics or great images of your beach or mountain views. Even the main header image of the site can easily be switched out with something new. 

It’s a great time to replace some of those photos that have been up for a while. It’s incredible how a refresh like that can breathe new life into your site. 

Taking advantage of this downtime means that your website will be ready to go when guests start booking again. 

Reach Out to Us

If you need any assistance with updates or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to We’re still here to help you with any site maintenance, big or small, critical or not. 

90% support requests are solved in one day, so we’re ready and able to assist you with whatever website updates you would like to make.